We are proud to announce that Slotastic is one of the four official supporters of Chipy’s Mega Jackpot Sweepstake. As the most funtastic online casino in the world, Slotastic highly encourages funtastic online gambling competitions, such as Chipy’s Mega Jackpot Sweepstake.

Chipy Casino Sweepstakes

Introducing You To Chipy.com

A global leader in online gambling, Chipy.com specializes in providing iGaming enthusiasts with top online casino services, including an extensive selection of gambling sites, a diverse collection of online casino games & bonus promos, the latest industry news, and exciting online gambling competitions.

Chipy.com is well-known for its player-oriented approach and its determination to offer all registered users an unparalleled iGaming experience. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Visit Chipy.com and see for yourself!

There, you will find an amazing player-centered iGaming feature that stands as proof of Chipy’s devotion to its users - Sweepstakes.

What are Chipy's Sweepstakes?

Chipy’s latest feature is known as 'Sweepstakes,' and it refers to online gambling competitions in which players participate for a chance to win cash prizes or Chipy coins prizes.

The best part about Chipy’s Sweepstakes is that the participation is free of charge. Players can enroll in any of Chipy’s active sweepstakes without having to spend any real money on the tickets.

Instead of actual cash, players purchase sweepstake tickets with Chipy coins, the website’s virtual currency. The coins can be collected by being an active Chipy.com user and engaging in activities on the site, such as rating games, writing helpful reviews, and many more.

However, other sweepstakes are entirely free, which means users do not have to use any Chipy coins to participate.

So, regardless of the type of sweepstake you choose to enroll in, there will only be advantages to being a participant in Chipy’s sweepstakes!

Slotastic Casinos Among The Mega Jackpot Sweepstakes Supporters

We are all for quality iGaming entertainment here, and Chipy.com has proved many times that user satisfaction is extremely valued in Chipy’s universe. That is why we kindly invite you to join this sensational sweepstake à la Chipy.com! We are very excited about all of Chipy’s sweepstakes, but this one, in particular, is very special to us. You can also support the competition just by participating and having loads of fun. Ultimately, that’s what Chipy’s sweepstakes are all about!