welcome to the

Slotastic World of Fun

welcome to the

Slotastic World of Fun


Welcome to the 'World of Fun', a world where Slotastic players travel through a virtual world of fun and excitement, exploring new levels and earning rewards and prizes. The journey begins in space with the Guardians of Joy crew, comprised of characters Captain Tastic, Funkey, Infinity, and Spinlord. The Guardians of Joy seek fun and adventure, and that's when you land in the 'World of Fun.'

Each level represents a different adventure that brings unique missions, store items, badges, and mini-games. To progress through the levels, players must complete missions, which may include winning a certain amount of money on a game, playing a certain number of spins, visiting certain areas of the casino, and more. Each time you complete a mission, you earn points, which help you level up and unlock new destinations and store items.


Slotastic World of Fun Map


World of Fun Points

Collect Points

Every time you complete a mission you'll unlock points which help you level up and unlock new destinations in the World of Fun. You can also use these points to buy hot bonuses and rewards.

World of Fun Missions

Complete Missions

Take your gaming up a notch and get rewarded for your play with the challenging and exciting missions available in the World of Fun! 

Exciting World of Fun

Fun Awaits

Endless fun is ready for you to explore. Daily challenges, competitive leaderboards and thrilling mini-games are all waiting for you in the World of Fun.


Join the Slotastic World of Fun


The World of Fun is waiting to be explored. When logged in to Slotastic, choose the 'World of Fun' menu to start your adventure!

Choose Your Avatar

Will you crusade the world as Captain Tastic? Or will you live life on the fun side as Funkey? You can choose your path by selecting your unique Avatar in the World of Fun.

Start Playing

Begin your adventure in the Desert Oasis, and opt in for exciting missions to earn rewards and unlock fun surprises.



Here's why you should jump into this thrilling adventure:

Endless Excitement: Dive into a virtual world filled with non-stop fun and excitement.

Unlock Rewards: As you explore, conquer missions, and level up, you'll earn fantastic rewards and prizes. The more you play, the more you win!

Meet the Guardians of Joy: Join Captain Tastic, Funkey, Infinity, and Spinlord on their quest for fun and adventure in space. Get ready to embark on an epic journey alongside these charismatic characters.

Unique Adventures: Each level is a brand-new adventure with its own missions, cool store items, badges to show off your achievements, and exciting mini-games to enjoy.

Set Your Own Pace: Have fun your way! Complete missions that match your style, whether it's winning big on your favorite games, spinning the reels, or exploring different areas of the casino.

Earn Points and Level Up: Every mission you conquer earns you valuable points, helping you climb the levels and discover even more destinations and exclusive store items.

So, why wait? Join the 'World of Fun' at Slotastic today and let the adventure begin! 

In the World of Fun you'll be reward with points when you complete missions. These missions are easy tasks that you'll most likely already be completing when you play at Slotastic.

To access all of your missions, go to the 'Missions' section within the World of Fun. All missions waiting to be completed can be found in the 'Available' tab.

Some missions may require you to opt-in manually before you begin any progress. These will be highlighted with 'Requires Opt-In'.

The higher your level the better the perks that await you! In the World of Fun, you upgrade your level by earning points. Points can be earned in the following ways:

1) Completing missions

2) Ranking on the leaderboard

3) Winning mini-games