Slotastic Online Casino has a reputation as one of the leaders in the "Responsible Gaming" community.

What is Responsible Gaming?

The term "responsible gaming" refers to gambling in a safe and controlled manner that has no detrimental effects on a person's personal, social, or financial well-being. It is crucial for people to be conscious of how they behave when it comes to gambling and to be aware of any hazards or unfavorable effects that can arise from excessive or reckless gaming.

Our Commitment

We promote gambling at Slotastic as a funtastic activity and believe that to continue this experience, players should stay in control and gamble responsibly.

To show our commitment towards responsible gaming, Slotastic provides advice and assistance to help you stay in control.

  • Self-exclusion
  • Limit your deposits
  • Take a break

If you would like to choose one of the above options, please contact a Slotastic Representative.

Underage Gambling

It is absolutely against the law to gamble if you are under the age of 18. Slotastic Online Casino is opposed to gambling by minors, and has taken steps to prevent it.

However, we can recommend the following steps for parents:

  • Do not leave your computer or mobile device unattended when the casino software is running.
  • Protect your Slotastic account with strict password access.
  • Keep your Slotastic credentials confidential at all times.
  • To prevent underage gambling in your household, we recommend the use of NetNanny safeguard.

Know Your Limits

If you are struggling, or know someone that is struggling with gambling addiction we recommend consulting one of the following organizations:

For further information on staying safe online and the measure Slotastic takes to keep you safe, check out the article we compiled here.