Whether you love to hit the casino or not, some of the biggest Hollywood movies feature a captivating gambling storyline with glitz and glam from the opening scenes to the end credits.

We've picked out our best gambling movies and put together a small plot introduction for those who haven't had the chance to catch these fun flicks yet.

Grab your popcorn and put your head in the game with these great gambling movies.

Gambling Movies


There's no one quite as suave as 007, and when there's a poker showdown between Bond and Le Chiffre you can be sure the movie is going to be action-packed throughout. In Bond's mission for MI:6 he must take on a notorious weapons dealer in a high stakes poker match and there's more than money at stake! This thrilling movie was released in 2006 and featured Daniel Craig in his first role as the infamous Mr Bond.


This modern and female dominated spin on the original Ocean's Eleven movie features an all-star cast, comedy flare, a huge heist and glamorous ensembles - what more could you want? Full of flair and beauty, watch the plot unfold as this fun group of women hit up New York City's Met Gala in hopes for their biggest steal of all time. Sandra Bullock leads this all-star cast, featuring Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett.


A college grad student gets enthralled with online poker and believing he has been cheated he travels to Costa Rica to challenge the movie's villain Ivan Block (Ben Affleck). Watch Justin Timberlake on his mission as he gambles with his life as he learns the ins and outs of Block's operation to bring his new mentor to justice.


Although not completely focused on gambling, this feel-good comedy set in the Vegas strip sees four ageing friends hit up Vegas to relive their glory days and celebrate Billy's (Michael Douglas) bachelor party. Laugh and enjoy Last Vegas as Sin City test friendships by putting obstacles in each character's path!