Often compared to lotteries and bingo, keno is one of the oldest and easiest to play casino games available. With online casinos accessible on demand, keno players no longer have to head to their local land based casino to start this fun and simple game.

Although you won't be seeing life-changing payouts from online keno the odds at winning are much higher and it's an entertaining guessing game if you're looking for a simple way to have some fun! A casino game that originated in China over 3,000 years ago, this fun game at Slotastic is popular in the United States and all over the globe.

Play Online Keno


You don't have to be smart at mathematics to get down with online Keno, with 80 numbers on the keno board the goal is to predict which 15 out of the 20 selected numbers you think will be chosen in a round. The object of the game is to see how many numbers you can estimate correctly out of the 20 numbers that are randomly selected. To increase your payouts, although with smaller odds of winning, the fewer numbers you select the higher the payout amount will be if your chosen number is selected. The pay table is displayed on the left-hand side, this will reflect your potential winnings in advance so you can keep track of what you are trying to achieve.

At Slotastic you can choose to play a single game or five and ten games consecutively, the numbers you selected will stay the same however you'll get to keep your lucky numbers the same for as many games as you decide to play. Keno is a game that is all down to chance, there's no strategy required and no way to predict which randomized numbers will be generated.