Ever dreamed of becoming a mad scientist, brewing up your own special concoctions in a hidden lab? Well, those dreams can finally come true in the dark and mysterious Dr. WinMore slot at Slotastic Online Casino. Advanced graphics, big wins and cool features are to be expected in this 5-reel online slot from Realtime Gaming. Launched in February 2020 and the second slot release of the year at Slotastic players can look forward to an exciting and unique new gaming experience when playing Dr. WinMore.

Join Dr. WinMore and his minion assistants today to concoct some big wins and unravel hours of fun video slot entertainment.

Play Dr. Winmore Slot at Slotastic!


At first glance, the Dr. WinMore slot appears different from other traditional slot machines available at Slotastic. Dr. WinMore is a cluster slot game, this is where each win occurs when four or more symbols appear vertically or horizontally adjacent - these will be paid out according to the paytable.

Cluster slots are a unique style of slot game that adds extra excitement over traditional slots and allows players a chance to win bigger payouts. Instead of a usual payline structure, winning symbols form a cluster which has to land horizontally or vertically next to each other. In Dr. WinMore's case, there must be a minimum of four slot symbols to form a cluster.

As Dr. WinMore is a cluster game there are no classic paylines so betting cannot be adjusted per line played. Players can bet as little as $0.10 all the way up to $25 per spin.


Dr. WinMore is a modern take on slot machines and although not offering conventional slot features it does provide its own unique offering. Instead of a feature, this science-inspired slot machine offers 'Special Symbols' where each robot minion acts as a special symbol which can randomly appear any time during gameplay. Once these robot minions appear they will remain on the reels until all other wins are completed. They will then clear in specific patterns once there are no other winnings and the winning multiplier will increase the payouts.