There's been a murder at Slotastic and we need your help to crack the case and bring the culprit to justice, are you up for the challenge?

To celebrate Halloween, we've created our fun version of the popular game Clue and we're inviting you to play to earn prizes! Clue, known as Cluedo overseas, is a murder mystery board game. The aim of the game is to solve the murder by guessing the correct suspect, weapon and room by strategically moving around the playing board eliminating suspects, weapons and rooms from your final guess.

Slotastic Murder Mystery


Calling all Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot enthusiasts, the Slotastic Murder Mystery is the perfect promotion for fans of crime thrillers and who dunnit plots. Staring October 14th 2019, Slotastic players will be invited to take part in this crime-solving campaign at Slotastic where free spins and special bonuses are up for grabs for guessing the correct combination of clues.

Players will first have to guess the suspect, this will involve a process of elimination where players will have to find the correct coupon code out of a possible 5 coupons, the correct coupon is the murder suspect. Players will find their mission invitation in their email inbox and the 'Messages' section in the casino. Within this message they'll also find all the promotion details along with the coupon codes that need cracking.

The Slotastic Murder Mystery spans over three weeks, with the correct combination being revealed on November 1st. Players who crack the full combination of suspect, room and murder weapon will be rewarded with a special bonus reward on this date where they can play some of our best Halloween slots for free.


If you don't want to spend too much time guessing, we're dropping some clues on our Instagram page throughout October to give players a helping hand. So make sure to hit that 'Follow' button and keep watching for our post updates as this will help you eliminate incorrect answers and crack the mystery quicker.

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